The STANDARD PISTOL match, a recognised ISSF event, is shot at 25 meters with a .22 Long Rifle semi-automatic on a standard Precision target with a 50mm 10 ring, in timed series' of 5 shots on turning targets. This is shot in series' of four - consisting of 150 seconds, 20 seconds and down to 10 seconds for a total of 60 shots. The handgun used in this event must have a barrel no longer than 150mm and a trigger no lighter than 1000gm. Recoil handling characteristics are important in a Standard Pistol, especially in the 10 second series.

Standard Pistol is a challenge to old and new shooters alike and combines both precision and rapid fire techniques in its course of fire, and the mixture of both guarantees an interesting match. Like air pistol this is a good match for beginners at Ballarat as the club has .22 pistols available to shoot the match and it is a good challenging match to start with. This match takes a good degree of skill to shoot well and has quite a few standard range members shooting it who have been in the club for some time.

The Standard range at Ballarat can accommodate a good number of shooters on Saturday afternoons and gets plenty of use.