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takes its style of shooting from the American West and the firearms used during that era, and is governed by the rules set out by "The Single Action Shooting Society of America". This shooting style is well represented at Ballarat with the Mt. Rowan Rangers getting into the spirit of the event by 'dressing up' for the day. This event requires competitors to use a variety of firearms, which include single action pistols, a lever action rifle and a shotgun, during courses of fire that the members take turns in designing. These scenarios are based around the Western theme with many possible ideas and variations being designed, and thus, each shoot is usually never the same as the last. This is part of the fun of Single Action as members don't know what they will be shooting until the day. This is a timed event with losses of 5 seconds for each miss and 10 seconds for a proceedural mistake, so the emphasis for those starting out is to take their time and be as accurate as possible - speed will come with time and practice.

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