SERVICE RIFLE initially commenced in the 1980's in Victoria & Queensland and now involves most of the States with up to 15 events that can be shot, and with more events emerging all the time. It is shot with standard military service rifles with iron sights. Since no spotting is allowed during the individual events, shooters need to develop a rapport with their rifle in order to depend on it and their own ability. The rules call for a core event - which is a five position event, consisting of prone, sitting, kneeling, standing, and barricades.

Ammunition used can me military or reloads that are close to military specifications in order to give the recoil effect so that the shooter has to re-acquire the target. All ammo used is relatively cheap and will not effect your scores as much as your ability to handle the firearm.

Military service rifle is suitable for shooters of all ages and abilities and women and juniors are encouraged to get involved.