Pistol shooting is fun and exciting and not really beyond the capabilities of anyone. For those considering joining the club we have something to offer everyone. With a wide range of shooting styles available and the constant improvements to our grounds, ranges and facilities, our friendly members are more than happy to welcome you and give time and advice to new members.

To join the Ballarat Pistol Club, you will need to be of good character with no serious criminal convictions and be happy to undergo a police check and to have your fingerprints taken at a Police Station. You will need to attend the club on a regular basis to give the members a chance to meet you and give you guidance. The club has several air pistols and .22 pistols available to new members to shoot while they are going through their 6 months probationary period. This is a good opportunity to try the different shooting styles and will help you in deciding what you want to do, and ultimately, what type of handgun you will want to get.

After you have undergone and passed a handgun safety course (taken at the club) you will be able to apply for a handgun licence. Once this arrives you will be able to apply for a 'Permit to Acquire' for your first handgun if you wish. You are now well on your way to enjoying this exciting and highly addictive sport.

So if you would like to try Pistol Shooting for yourself please visit the club
(see the Map to the right - click on to enlarge) or contact the members listed
as contacts on the Home Page for this site. We look forward to seeing you.

  • In-a-nutshell-Steps to joining a Pistol Club
    Step 1: Visit the Ballarat Pistol Club and join up.
    Step 2: Complete relevant paperwork for VAPA and the police.
    Step 3: Apply for a ‘Probationary Handgun Licence’.
    Step 4: Complete a Handgun Safety Course.
    Step 5: Start Competition shooting.
    Step 6: Apply for your Handgun Licence.
    Step 7: Arrange your Safekeeping facilities.
    Step 8: Apply for a Permit to Acquire a Handgun.
    Step 9: Start shooting more Competitions.
    LINKS OF INTEREST: VAPA (Victorian Amateur Pistol Association) - http://www.vapa.org.au/

Licensing Services Division: http://www.police.vic.gov.au/content.asp?Document_ID=111