BLACK POWDER doesn't have shooters - it has devotees. When one member was told they get dirtier than with the other types of shooting styles, he replied, "Yes.... that's why we love it!" And they do. (love it) This has a good following at Ballarat with both pistol and rifle being shot. Since 50m Black Powder (pistol & rifle) can be done on the Saturday morning and Black Powder in the afternoon, those who are keen enough can make a really good day of it.

There are two Black Powder matches, the Aggregate Match and the 50 Metre match. Cap and ball revolvers must be used in the Aggregate match, while single shot handguns are permitted in the 50 metre match. The calibre is restricted to 0.46 maximum and projectiles must be round balls or conical pointed bullets. The Aggregate match is identical to the Centrefire match except that it consists of 20 precision shots at 25 metres on a standard precision target and 20 shots Rapid Fire on a standard rapid fire target. The 50 Metre Match consists of four series of 10 shots, fired in 2 hours on an NRA 50 yard target which has a larger Ten-Ring than the standard 50 metre target.

Grant Burgess prepares his Black Powder rifle.