INTERNATIONAL 1920 (formerly Action Match) The 1920 indicates the maximum points possible in the match. The international means it is shot in other countries with Australian teams doing quite well. There are 4 main events each with a max of 480 points. The indivdual matches are:-

  • Falling Plates
  • Practical

  • Modified Moving Target

  • Barricade

Each of the individual events tests the shooters skill in different ways. That is to say your ability to get the required number of shots away and to be able to shoot for accuracy even if the scoring rings are not evident. Falling Plates as the name implies requires the shooter to knock down 6 plates in the required time. For each plate missed the shooter loses 10 points. For the competitor at the top end, a miss would almost certainly knock them out of contention.

The other three matches are shot on tombstone targets. These targets are named due to the rounded top section in an otherwise rectangular target. The scoring rings radiate from the centre of the target and give the competitor either a 10 or an 8, if outside the rings the body of the target scores 5. It is a complex match requiring skill, dexterity and above all the ability to think your way through. A challenging and fun match for both male and female shooters.